You Had it Made

You’re sure proud of the way you smile 
Letting no one know that you crawled for miles to fake it 
with temporarily cope 
You're lying, alone in your party dress 
with your friends all gone like your consciousness and shame 
You're floating farther away 

If you had it made 
Why do you run away from this?
If you have it made 
Why do you need escape from this? 

You learned to burry your conscience in the wishing well 
and never whisper it's name or recall how you felt that day
You swear that you felt nothin'
You put a bag on its head and a pill in your throat 
and tied a block 'round it's neck so the corpse wouldn't float away 
You finally feel nothing 

You used to smile so much wider than the rest of us 
As it turns out, the higher hide better than the best of us 
You never learned to get out of your own way
some things don't change 
Some things never change 

Now your momma and dad are scraping up their knees  
Praying heaven above will give their baby peace of mind 

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