Children & Dogs

In a small house there's an old man 
with his children and dog
His wife wakes him mornings and he drives to his job 
Where he works for an old man
Who has children and a dog 
And who's wife wakes mornings and he drives to his job 

They both go home every evening 
Eat, and put their kids to bed
Until their sons are all grown up
and the grown men grow dead 
And their sons move into houses 
with their children and dogs
And their wives wake them mornings 
and they drive to their jobs

When the sons ask their children at the end of the day 
What did you learn? they'll say, "you find work with high pay"
So you can buy a small house 
for your children and dog 
And have a wife wake you mornings
so you can drive to your job 

And their kids will have kids and those kids will have more 
And they'll all live the same lives as their fathers before 
Some will have bigger houses
and some bigger dogs
and some bigger wives - who wake them for their jobs
You drive to work until you come home for dinner 
and then go to sleep until you wake for your job...

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