I thought that you could make it all go away
It turns out that you couldn't
Maybe it means you're not the right one, babe
Will I walk out? I promised you I wouldn't, remember?
Don't forget that comfort never really came too easily for me
I hope it doesn't make you perceive me any differently;
knowing that I still struggle with certain things
like calm or collection
but I have compassion, darling
I have compassion and feel things far stronger than my words express
I feel your needs, fears and distress
I must confess, I'm still far less of a man than I desire
but I'm trying to push this endless darkeness out
- I'm trying, darling
I'm not afraid of changing
I don't want to still feel frightened or insane
please don't find me broken
please don't think me ill or broken
I just think it's far more normal to be honest, real and open
I know that this might scare you, darling
please don't be afraid
I just want to tell you everything
it hurts me too showing you my endless list of scars and shame
Some wounds are still bleeding, even.
I'm not this way;
please don't be embarrassed of me - please don't be ashamed
I swear I'm not this way
please don't be afraid, my darling
please don't be afraid
I'll never harm you once, my darling
Please, don't be afraid

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