Treasure (For the Poor to Find)

I had no more than these holes in my jeans
and the longing desire to be held by someone to hold me true
it's a long way to travel with this gravel beneath my bare feet
but the poor are known to search for miles for a treasure such as you

I will walk through these thorns just to be at your side
I will crawl through these briars toward your light 
I will trail through the darkness and will stumble through the night
for the poor are known to search for miles for a treasure for to find 

heavy was the road I walked down and tired I was from wandering
with no fortune or no comfort for to serve to end my searching
I'd heard a fool was one who waited 'round for his desires to find him
since you found me such a fool for you Ill now forever be

if you ever find a sickness so deep to overcome
that no prayer or comforting could serve to ease your hurting
I will climb every mountain, through the rivers I will roam
to find a cure to chase your trial away and end the pain you've known

If your age takes your childish youth and you find that your mind and your memories of time have started failing
I will come to your side though you won't recognize me to meet you and to fall in love each day over again
the poor cherish the treasures that they labored for to win

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