We're All Damned Sinners (One and Us All)

To a town with no name where the light color prospered
You were purchased, through trade, by a preacher who saw you
He set free your chains and said, "go where you'll go"
But in his eyes you saw comfort more than you'd ever known

So you married the preacher and soon the Father'd be a father
and torn from your flesh would come a half-blooded daughter
the congregation murmmered, but spoke not a word
for your flesh was born darker than the saints would prefer

We're all damned sinners - one and us all
born out of bleeding, into fire we fall
loved we're all made, un-judged we're created
for the Lord sees no color when the righteous come called
the soul has no color and love has no bonds

When the saints saw the preacher, unbelievers baptizing
they stole from his home the very love he adored
The preacher's lips trembled, when he saw his love hanging
from the rafters in the chapel, above the altar of the Lord
So he dragged, from the guilty, the leader they claimed
and held him down 'till he drowned beneath the billowing waves
of the river where years before he had been saved
an eye for an eye and a sait for a slave

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