Be Loved, Child

I'm trying hard to distinguish between being used and giving everything
I'll guard your soul and forgo my own dreams
but if required, would you do the same for me?
Or do you simply like all the comfort I posses?
I can make you feel alright - so you just slip out of your dress
to feel safe for a night
But maybe I want tomorrow too...

You once said you didn't love yourself enough to let me try
You build a shed of hesitations and you locked yourself inside
I'll take a hatchet to your wooden walls if you give me the sign
and deconstruct the structures you are still too uncertain to defile
and finally tear down yourself
I'm standing outside listening to hear your whisper asking me for help
Just say the word and I will free you from your prison cell

Be loved, Child
Won't you let somebody care for you awhile?
Be loved, Child
Don't we all need to be loved once in awhile?

Love is more reaction than it is an act of giving
once you let somebody love you
you just re-express the joy in which you're living
It's not hard - just kind of terrifying, really
Let go of your mind and then give in to what you're feeling
It's a gambling game - you may wind up losing everything
or walk away with twice as when you came
But the losses walk directly with your gain
So the safer that you hold yourself
the less the chance of your life being changed

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