You'd pick me up and fly me around
over my new, building-block, town - like Superman
- until you let me down and I'd kick the whole thing over
But lately things seem like they've changed
you don't smile in the same way
Sister says it's going to be okay
I'll understand when I get older

Daddy doesn't come home some nights
I don't believe when Momma says it's alright
Things just haven't seemed right for awhile
Momma's drinking apple-juice a lot and Daddy stays late at his job
- but I overheard Miss Jane say he's a liar
If home is where the heart is - I must have left my heart close to the fire

Momma said something about "mistresses"
Sister says we'll have two Christmases
Daddy says he's going to take us kids to Grandma's after supper
Sister slipped trying to shave again and cut too deep into her skin
I heard the ambulances and sirens
Grandma says we almost lost her

Momma sent me out to play with friends when my uncle visited again
he's the second one this week I'd never met
Daddy says Momma fell down the stairs
- but acts like he just doesn't care at all about the bruises on her neck
If home is where the heart is, sometimes I feel like there is nothing left

A pretty lady who came from the state said she had to take us kids away
to some new family whose names were Mom and Daddy Foster
Can you tell me where my home and heart is? - I lost it

Don't pick me up and fly me around
over the wreckage of this town
You were Superman until you let me down
I'm getting scared of growing older now

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