Oh, Liar

Are you too scared to face honesty when the truth feels like a lie
because you've lied for so long that the facts just don't seem right anymore?
Is it strange when you've let yourself believe exactly what you wanted to?
Is it awkward when you meet someone who knows the place you've been
when you've spent your life denying all the awful things you did?
Do they send you covering your tracks, worrying and retreating
in attempt to keep on hiding all the troubles that you hid from everyone?

They say the best tricks are the ones that require some slight of hand
but sometimes it gets too cold to hold the cards
and for a fatal moment everyone can see the man you really are
Oh, Liar

Do you mix lies among the truth
like the vodka you slip in your juice
for confidence and to keep you loose
and help you feel like you won't lose
control of the situations that you've no control of?

Oh, Liar
Oh, Liar
Oh, Liar

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