Miss You Right Now

I watched you walk away
And for the first time realized I loved you - but was too afraid to say
That I want you in my life or humble myself down enough
To admit that I wanted you to stay

Sometimes I feel there has never been very much hope for me apart from what I had found in you
Now I'm feeling like a terrified, scared, frail, broken thing that everybody wants to walk onto 
When I had you, I always felt so safe around you
But someone else found you and I kind of miss you right now

I should have told you then
But I've loved you since I met you now I'm trying hard to delay our bitter end
I want you in my life and I wish I wasn't far too proud to say it

I wonder where you'll be
I wonder where you'll be tonight
I hope to God it's not in his arms
I hope to God my imagination isn't right...

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