Jack and Ilene

This is a story about Jack and Ilene; a girl from the city and a boy chasing his dreams
Jack wanted to play in a rock 'n roll band
Ilene just wanted somebody to love and understand her
Jack, he bought a ticket for the southern bound
It was a train headed for nowhere - but headed out of town

There's no turning back now
The hands on the clock keep going around

Jack made his way down to Tennessee
Where, in the Royalle Tavern, he met Ilene
She saw him playing there up on the stage
And, as she waited on her tables, could hardly look away
They started talking while Jack packed up his guitar
Soon, through loneliness and destiny, they were joined at the heart
They found this old apartment west of the strip
That they paid for with Jack's songs and Ilene's tips

Jack was getting pretty big on the scene
He started playing shows from Denver all the way to New Orleans
One day he met a man who smoked a big cigar
He said, "Hey, Jackie-boy, I want to take your songs. I can make you a star."
Jack's music touched the world wherever he would go
He was charted and recorded for the radio
But through it all, Jack never forgot his biggest fan
He'd shout out, "This one's for Ilene" before the love songs began

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