Broken, Bleeding Heart

I watched my life slip away - just as the night conquers the day
Now I’m consumed by this darkness watching my dreams disappear
I felt my pleasure turn to pain -  just as the sun’s stopped by the rain
Now it hurts too much to fake a smile to cover every tear

Lost and scared, so far away from anyone who understands me
I laugh and smile, to hide my pain although inside my heart is broken and bleeding

I walk alone this chilling night with a tear behind each smile
How I hide so well my bleeding wounds in this life of pain’s denial
“All is well”,  I’ll calmly state as another tear rolls from my eye
While gripping hollowness asphyxiates me in a life that I despise

I’ve lost the ability to laugh - my cup has been emptied half
Now impending sorrow fills my heart and I can’t carry on
I slowly lost all trace of bliss - every joy, each happiness
And the lies I’ve used to hide my scars have faded and are gone

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