You'll Find Love
He sold knives and rosaries by the riverbed
In a coat sewn by his mother dear, that still caused memories of tears to flood his head
But he wore it to recall the words she said. When she said;

You’ll find love one day, oh. You’ll find love
You’ll find love one day, oh you’ll find love

She was born to life atop a circus wire
Until a series of events with kerosene and unattended elephants transpired
And the circus was destroyed by means of fire
So splendid was his smile when she saw him there peddling his cutlery
Concealed by camouflage of trees she so anxiously stared
But through the branches he saw her beauty un-compared

She said:
I’ll find love one day, oh. I’ll find love
I’ll find love one day, oh I’ll find love

But then one night a note and knife stuck in her tree she found.
It read:

Angel of mystery,
If you want to see me, if you want to meet me than come down tonight
 to the waterside
We can dance in the moonlight until the morning breaks the night
But if you don’t want to then it’s quite alright
I’ll be alright; oh I’ll be just fine

So she put on her best gypsy gown and came down from the tree
To the sight of a crowd gathered ‘round the estuary

For tragedy that evening struck the humble town
The water-gates had finally cracked but carried safely on his back
He’d swam the orphans all to higher ground
But heroic deeds can lead to heroes drowned

She ran to his side as they dragged him from the waves
And oh, how she cried when the savior could not be saved
“He was my one and only love” she claimed

But I’ll find love one day, oh. I’ll find love
I’ll find love one day. Oh, I’ll fine love
Love, love, love, love, love I’ll find love

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