Cruel, Cold, World

I saw the prepubescent, feral children running through the streets with wielded knives
Stealing everything because they were robbed of a better life
This is all they’ve ever known
I hear the scream of a distant siren announcing another life stripped away
By the rust of a silver blade - now, there’s another empty grave to prematurely occupy
Another mother falling to her side, while emotion breaks her eyes
This is all they’ve ever know

In a cruel, a cold and lonely world
Generating sons of switchblade knives and poison girls

I heard the songs of abuse and violence stream across the radio
Tales of the broken homes and misery are we all have known
The headlines declare the endlessness war across the seas
Tonight the wounded souls return with amputated arms to amputated families
I guess there’s something worse than death finding that you’re wife will leave
This is all we’ve ever known

We keep fighting for the same things with different methods
Punching at the same walls with similar aggression
This is all we’ve ever known
Is no one trying to help a blurry world find a since of clarity and faith?
Or consoling the helpless hearts when hope is all but stripped away?

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