Please, Don't Eat the Flowers

What would you do if I promised you the moon then gave you the world instead?
Would you laugh at the exchange or be angry because I changed my word and hang your crying head?
If I promised you flowers then brought you April showers that made the chrysanthemums bloom
Would you clap with delight at the change oh so slight or accuse me of lying to you?

If you want to find a better man
Go ahead and try if you can
Where are you gonna find a better man?
No one else can love you like I can
Not another one can understand
You’re never gonna find a better man

If I swore not to change the way I feel today but then fell more in love with you
Would you cry, cry, cry, cry and lie down and die and accuse me of being untrue?

If you put down your knife and I put down my gun
Would we stop this fight and straight to arm in arm run?
Our hearts beat through our chest like pounding cannonballs
Yet still we both resist the urge that’s begging us to fall
We’re afraid to fall in love because we’ve watched love fall apart
So we change the combination to the safes around our hearts
Oh, how it hurts - trying oh so hard not to get hurt

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