Then Came the Night

We were young and inexperienced in love
Unbroken and untouched but full of desire
Until then, love was known as just a word - but never shown
But a spark, when left alone, ignites a fire

As the night grew older with you here in my arms
I knew I'd never felt this way before
It was more than a feeling expressed through attraction
It was something that I couldn't ignore

I want to show you all of the things you've never seen
So close your eyes and let me carry you away
I want to know you in a way you've only dreamed
So lay here in my arms and let love set you free
That was the night that I made a woman out of her - and she made a man of me

As the sun sunk down, we prayed this passion would still surround
It was love to the timing of our hearts beating as one
As the night went on, I prayed our love would carry on
When we kissed goodnight, Darlin', I knew you were the one
Because the world stopped turning when your lips touched mine
When you lay in my arms it felt right
I've never had nothin' and never felt somethin' that made my heart see the light

I never thought that something could burn within my soul - but now I know

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