Look To The Sky

Life is closing in and the pressure is on
When you're 20 years old and you can't find a job
You can feel the walls surrounding as you're struggling on
But only through weakness can you learn to be strong

When you're a teenage mother with a child to feed
Just living on faith in a faithless economy
When you're scraping change and begging just for something to eat
Know that only through trials can you learn to be free

When all of the world is crashing down around you
and every dream has fallen from out of your reach

Look to the sky although you feel that you've failed
Keep fighting on with your last ounce of strength
Stand when you've fallen and you can't carry on
Even when you're down, keep fighting 'till you're free

You've spent 35 years working on the docks
living check to check and punching the clock - but now
You've lost your job and the bills all start to surround
Know that it takes a fall to get off the ground

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