California Highway

Taking the car down the old California highway
Traveling far, farther away from these shores of Los Angeles 
Radio on as I drive down the southern byways 
Leaving your past, leaving your memory far behind in a cloud of dust

Not looking back 'till I reach the skyline
Traveling fast, faster away as I drive on down the coast
My bags are packed, my songs are playing
I'm leaving your memory like an old ghost

There's no stopping 'till Vegas
Then on to Denver and down to New Orleans
Follow the highway on up 'till I hit Memphis, Tennessee
Where we're finally running wild and free

I'm going to drive 'till I can't feel you nomore
Taking the back alleys and sidestreets following the old railroad tracks
Searching to find some sweet, southern comfort
I'm going to drive straight into the sun without ever looking back

I'm going to ride straight off into the sunset
Follow the road, wherever it goes, 'till I wind up near Kansas City
Travel the world 'till your thoughts I finally forget
In the early morn, a new day is born and the whole world looks oh, so pretty

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