The Line

If the last thing I can do to make you smile is sign all of your papers and start living in denial
If it takes me hurt and lonely for you to laugh - bring on the pain
If you're happier without me then I'm kind of glad you're gone
Even though I'm here, throwing up, fighting and barely hanging on
But if the final thing that I could do to bring you joy and show my love to you  is sign
Then hand me the pistol and show me the dotted line

We were young and in love
We had joy large enough to fill canyons from the dust to the sky
I was yours, you were mine
You wore my ring and took my side
We swore always that we would cherish 'till we died
We went laughing to the courthouse hand in hand - young wild eyed kids
Finally married - this was the best part of the minimal lives that we'd lived
I said I would -  we did - we wrapped our hearts intwine
When they handed me the roses and showed me the dotted line

I said, "The last time we were here babe, was the day we were wed."
She said, "I ain't your baby, as far as I'm concerned, you're dead."
I said, "I know girl, but I never even got a second chance or got to know what I did wrong"
She said, "Momma taught me not to talk to strangers, boy."
And with that she was gone...

The best mistake that I ever made was the time that my love let me sign
When we swore my tomorrows and yesterdays would be yours and yours would be mine
What a cruel twist of fate brings the irony - the sword that we fought with now cuts the binds
For love I loved and protected you -  now, for love, I'll let myself die
So hand me the poison and show the dotted line
Hand me the pistol and show me the dotted line
The line...the line...walk me to the line...
The line...the me the line...

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