Forbidden Love

I was sixteen when I fell in love with you
When I saw you in the schoolyard your eyes shining like the moon
You seemed to me and angel among men
Such surpassing beauty with your hair blown in the wind
The day you kissed my lips beneath the pines
And you whispered that you loved me as you placed your hands in mine
I could fly…

My daddy had always been a working man
Long hours in the factory hardened his heart like his calloused hands
Your father was a well known millionaire
Born into wealth and privilege and of our love was unaware
Until the day he saw me kiss your rosy cheek
And he threw me to the gravel road and forbade us both to speak
Then he said if I was caught with you again
The suffering he’d give to me would surpass both God and men
Oh this forbidden love…

But this devotion, you can’t stop it
And the fire still builds inside
Oh darling he can fight it
But we’ll never be able to hide our forbidden love

We made plans at school one afternoon
To meet beneath the orchard by the light of the august moon
Then we’d catch a train out west and then be free
To start a life together just you and me
But by a wandering ear our plans were heard
And of our plot to run away your father soon caught word
And he cursed and swore that he would never let this be
Ten thousand dollars to the man who could lay his hands on me
Oh, we were running free

When darkness fell I sat beneath the trees
Two tickets in the jacket that sheltered me from the chilling breeze
It felt like years till you could finally sneak away
And we headed down to the station in hopes to catch the midnight train
But through the darkness we could hear the whistles blow
And the barking of hounds your father’d sent out to follow
And when we reached the station house they all were there
To return your soul to solitude and to arrest me they were prepared
Oh, we were running scared

So chain me down in holds of iron
But this emotion still runs free
To hold my love is my one desire
And you can’t steal this love from me…our forbidden love

Through the smoke and haze we snuck aboard our train
And we heard the final whistle blow as the sky began to rain
But since your father’d been informed where we would go
He’d purchased tickets for the train headed far away also
But our well paid mis-informer had passed his test
For your father he was heading east and we were heading west

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