The Devil is a Woman

I promised to love you and I did
I swore that I would give you, girl, everything I had to give
And you swore that you  would always feel the same
it’s clear to see I’ll never be more than just a  passing flame…just a flame…

I swore that I’d honor and protect
To give you all my love and kindness, passion and respect.
You gave your word that you’d stand by my side
Through sickness and in health, riches and when I can’t provide…but how you lied…

Now you’re gone and I’ve lost everything that I held close
Some say the Devil wears a smile and pointed horns…but I can see…
That the Devil is a woman and that woman’s got a hold of me

On bended knee I begged you to be mine
You took my ring and promised me you’d be there for all time
We kissed and smiled as you said you’d stay true
But forever doesn’t mean always to one as cold as you…I see through you…

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