First Generation Me

I’m just like me and that’s all that I want to be
I refuse to be a second generation you - I’m the fist generation me
I’m not going along with the plans that you’ve made for me
I’m going to be myself - for it’s the man who I was born to be
I’m me and I’m so proud of it – culture doesn’t mean fitting in
I’m happy simply being me – myself is all I really know how to be
The first generation me, first generation me

Everyone wants everyone to be another everyone
There’s no individuality they’ve all become the mainstream
If being normal means being the same I’d rather be insane
I don’t care about your social ladder - I’m myself that’s all that matters
Not born to be someone else, I’m simply me - I’m just myself
First generation me, first generation me

You don’t like the way I dress – I don’t like the way you think
I don’t look and act like you because I’m the one and only, the only me
I’m the first generation me, the first generation me
If it’s so great, you can be whatever it is that you want me to be

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