Alas, My Love

Now this love once so enticing
Has changed its bitter course
And set sail for destruction upon the stormy sea
Once passionate emotion
Changed bitter-sweet divorce
Alas, my love, this love can never be

So young and so beautiful, life was all as it should be
Setting course for ever after, catching winds off pleasant seas
Such sweet a romantic endeavor as ever there ever could be
Oh, how could such innocent purity befall such classic tragedy?

Still they sailed wildly forward though the storm about them raged
Still they clung to one another as they were tossed about the waves
But naïve and innocent youthfulness was only to make their hearts torn
They could love and be free on a calm, quiet sea but had never prepared for the storm…

When all seemed at its brightest and life was at its best
Forever they swore they could stand the worst as time prepared its test
Soon the peace began to tremble and the quiet seas was gone
Still they fought until the night grew long but it grows darkest before dawn…

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