Silhouette the Sky

Alone tonight beneath these devil painted skies
Once for love I was protected now for the same, at dawn, I’ll lose my life
I'm torn back to the memories that I hide
So soon to be erased by the gallows where the hangman’s noose is tied

I close my eyes as my regrets play in black and white
Just like a film noir of my life - the devil sleeps with me tonight

As my door swings open wide so soon I’ll silhouette the sky
Through a deafening sound like thunder, above the crowd, I can hear my mother cry
My chains sing an eerie chorus in the wind  to the rhythm of a healthy, beating heart that’s soon to end
They’re singing:  "Step by step, beat by beat"
Soon this dust will be replaced with only air beneath my feet
I can feel the sun’s embrace falling softly on my neck so soon to be replaced…

I feel a burn on my neck moments before my last breath
May God have mercy on my soul as I am ferried to death
I hear the judges deafening cry to let this murderer die
I should have hung up my guns before I hung up my life

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