The Belt

You were an angel sent to the ground by the Lord in the skies up above
Wrapped in arms with a boxer whose beatings surround but you took the bruises in the name of your love
You were silent and graceful and faced every blow with a prayer- hoping he’d someday change things
You’d bandage your wounds after all you could bare
You took count of your scars with a true soldier’s pride as you cleaned off the blood in the mirror
And when he’d finally collapse drunk you would pray you would someday be free

You’d say nothing on earth lasts forever - soon I’ll be released from this pain
You’d cling to your bible that lay by your bed saying someday it’s all gonna change
You’d cover your wounds while you walked through the streets
To the old wooden church where the choir would meet
Where you’d beg to learn to forgive the cause of your bleeding

You were clinging to the edge of a prayer - saying someday all the hurting will change
He’s still the man he used to be - he’s just lost himself along the way
When he finds his way back home we’ll bid our struggles and our sorrows goodbye
Black eyes couldn’t blind your faith and the bleeding couldn’t make hope die
You carried everything, with grace. You could withstand anything…

You were a lamb with the strength of a lion full of grace not a beating could tear
You stood while he broke you down and in response all you whispered were prayers
You thought of the days when you were young and in love and wondered what happened
When you smiled and laughed with the man who swore never to leave
Those days now are gone and but he constantly swears that he’s changing
But the bottle’s a gun and it slaughters the man of your dreams
So you don’t know what’s a lie and what to believe

You carried everything with grace. Oh, how you withstood everything
He came home one night to greet your goodbye and the vision of an old suitcase
You’d carried everything - but he couldn’t change

The phone rang hard in that hotel room saying Daddy’s driving all over town
He said his prizefighting soul’s losing pride and letting go and he’s never gonna let you down ever again
It’s over - you win - let’s wipe clear the past and start over again
Though your arms both were broken you had carried him high in your prayers
As you whispered goodbye I watched tears leave your eyes as you were freed from the burdens you’d felt
He fell to his knees watching you finally leave every beating and bruising he’d dealt
He was the boxer, momma, but in the end you won the belt

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