My Rose Among Thorns

Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if you’d loved a millionaire or wed a king
I’d live alone without my heart forever - but at least I’d know you had no wants or needs                                                                               
Some nights I lay and think about our future and if I’ll forever struggle to provide
Still to fall so short of what a queen deserves; just to give you what I can I have to fight
But I swear to forever be faithful, I swear to forever be yours - my rose among thorns

Sometimes I wonder how I’d live without you - then I wonder how you've ever lived with me
When I can’t afford to give you all that you desire and sometimes I can’t provide the things you need
Darlin', I may never be a rich man - I can’t give you diamond rings or shop for hours
I can’t buy you fancy cars or priceless mansions; but for what it counts I’ll always bring you flowers
And I’ll swear to forever be faithful and swear to forever be yours - my rose among thorns

Still you let me be the one that your heart’s thinking of
Haunting your dreams and there beside you when you’re waking up
I don’t know how I won your love 
But I’m faithfully yours with devotion untorn - my rose among thorns 

I wonder, should I beg you for forgiveness? Am I your worst mistake or the best thing that you have?
Still I’ve forever sworn to love and cherish (you); I pray that that’s a blessing not a trap
Sometimes I think all the love I’ve given…then all the things you’ll never get to have
I may never be your knight in shining armour; but I’ll always try to make you smile and laugh
I swear to forever be faithful and I swear to forever be yours - my rose among thorns

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