Oh! My Soul

The hardened heart will break like a stone being crushed
By the hammer of a slave on the old railway lines
All the whores and the saints will be judged as one that day
and the masters, finally humbled, with their servants will dine

Oh, my soul will be free one day
When my heart has asked for one more beat 
Than God is willing to pay
I, oh I, will be carried away
My flesh will not stay bone when I have been laid in my grave

They hung tight a rope around the stealing man’s neck
Before he rocked like a cradle in the wind gently blowing
He said, “The atheist will burn in hell right there beside me
The only difference is that I know and believe that I’m going”

The borders all will fall just like a man being shot
In the back by the hand of the law for stealing bread
And the soldiers then will march at sweet Armageddon’s call
When the devil’s learned to pray and we’re all saved by the dead

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