I Don't Miss You, Miss

For months I’ve been lonely while you’re sleeping just fine
You been high on the boulevard while I’ve been doing time
But when the rain fell on Broadway and your new friends ignored ya’
So you searched through the streets till you came to my door
Only to find something you weren’t looking for
I don’t miss you, Miss,  no more

You tried all the tactics that I’d tried on you
You laughed about the little things that we used to do
But when you saw how you failed you spoke of all we’d been through
All the trials we’d faced following when we swore
That we’d stay in embrace for rich or for poor
But you’re a moment too late, Girl I don’t care anymore
I don’t miss you, Miss, no more no more
I don’t miss you , Miss, no more

All your new friends retreated when they got all they needed from you
You tried to run to me but darlin’ I’m not holding you

You crawled through the streets when you tasted defeat
And you swore that you’d changed and you started begging me
But you’re tired and sore now but your wounds I’ll ignore
I don’t miss you , Miss, no more no more
I don’t miss you, Miss, no more

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