Goodnight, Sadie

Silent and resigned, nobody takes the time to really care about her
She’s all alone although she is surrounded
Nightly she softly cries herself to sleep
No one’s concerned, nobody minds, nobody listens
She’s on her own although her family lies asleep in the next room

They say, Goodnight Sadie as they lay her down to sleep
Goodnight’s the first word she’s heard from them all day
Too caught in the daily routine to take time to see just how much love she needs
But they’re too blind to see that their little baby is all but alright tonight
Neglected one too many mornings, alone one too many nights

Fed up with no regard she’s starved for notice and left searching for attention
Since she can’t find it in her home where she should
She turns to the others, those who claim to love her
Anyone who she’ll give sex - anyone who knows that she’ll give what they want
She just wants to feel she’s wanted - to feel she’s needed
She just wants to feel like she’s loved by someone

Sick of false attention, she needs some intervention
But her family still thinks she’s just fine
They still haven’t taken time to see how confused she feels
Now she’s expectant with a child, all suspects are in denial
She doesn’t know its dad - and her Dad doesn’t know
Now the only rout she sees is to take this innocent child’s life before her Daddy finds out

Still he says, Goodnight Sadie as he kisses her on the cheek
This is the first time that she’s seen him all week
Too caught in his daily routine to take the time to hear
Her many questions or to give her the advice she needs
But he’s too busy to see that his little baby is searching for his guidance tonight
She’s uncertain one too many mornings, confused one too many nights

Aborted little child, she can’t stand the pain of a tainted guilty conscience
Still she searches on for love anywhere she can
Burdened down by memory, she’s seventeen today and learns to use a needle
She hopes to lose her daily pain that she bears from the life that she’s led for so short

We found her here today; she took her very life away
A life she felt unwanted and unneeded
And her parents don’t know why she felt alone
They wonder how this all could happen, wonder how she went so wrong
Thought she was happy, thought her life was at its best
But they’re far too blind to see why she was so depressed…

She needed them there
She needed their love
She needed them to care
For her in any way they could

They say, Goodbye Sadie I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you
When you needed me most
I loved you baby. Although it never showed I thought you knew
I never thought it hurt you so badly
Now I finally see my little baby had questions about life for me
Now I can’t believe how blind I was and now she’s gone from me

Goodnight Sadie, Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye

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