A Few Awkward Lines

It isn’t hard for me to say just what I think
The words just seem to come naturally
But now it seems that I, no matter how I try
Can’t express just how much you mean to me
And now these are all the words that I can find to say are…

I love you, I need you
I want you here with me
I miss you and I wish you  knew just what you mean to me
So please excuse these few awkward lines
I’m simply trying to find the words to say…
I’m so glad you’re mine

The more I think of you the more I am consumed
And words to express it escape me
Though it’s never been this way
I can’t find the words to say
To truly show you all you are to me
And now all the words that I can find to say are…

I know that you think that I am helplessly in love and that I show it fine
But I know how I feel inside and all the words I write could never quite define

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