Days of Our Lives

I’ve spent my life out on the road playing this old guitar
Singing my songs at countless shows but it never got me far
I’ve seen every broken city, I’ve played every lonely dive
Leaving each show with a smile in my heart and wondering how I’ll survive

Tonight I’ll drive two hundred miles just to get to my next show
Where my name’s wrong on the marquee but nobody cares or knows
One more night and one more crowd who don’t know who I am
But when I step out on the stage and play I’ve got this whole world in my hands

And my heart is sure that these are the best days of my life
Playing loud and pure in the best days of our lives
When the crowd is calling me with each song that I play
When the footlights fall on me all is carried away

I know that I left you far behind when I headed for the road
I gets so cold and lonely some nights, sleeping here alone
But my songs of pain and heartache ring truer every night
For when I sing sweet songs of memory I can feel you at my side

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