Oh, The Weeds...

I know that I'm a mess,
I only pray that my sincerity is strong enough to outlast 
all of these failures won so valiantly   
since the moment I left for whatever reasons I felt  
As you always did best, I've learned to live with myself

Oh oh oh I've got a heart built for leaving   
and I've never found a reason to change where I was going 
But, if there was one I should have heeded 
if there was one I should have needed 
I should have needed you most 

Oh the weeds!
It seems that all my flaws, like weeds, are growing everywhere;
 so settled through the stones and now impossible to purge
Know I'm trying for you, Darling, but these habits are resilient
and every time I feel they're gone
they're only dormant till returned 

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