Little Wild Eyes

How those pretty, blue, eyes staring back at me
from across the room make it hard to leave
My blood runs wild, I feel my heart grow weak
every time your smile lays a'hold on me

Hey, what's your name? 
Where are you going? Would you stay? 
I never thought I'd feel this way again

Remember when I wanted nothing more
than to leave this God-forsaken town and forget you, girl?
Now those little talks and big voice of yours
make me feel like staying around has worth

Hey, won't you lay here and take my breath away, dear?
I never thought I'd feel like I do now
Oh, when you first held me, your peace was overwhelming
You broke my fears and fought my darkness out
Hey...never change.
Where you go, I'll go the same
Because I never thought I'd feel this way again

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