The Lonesome Way to Death of Modern Art

Momma, can you tell me how to write a song?
you gotta write from your life lessons and tell their stories as you play along
and they better sound pretty enough to want to hear again
otherwise you're gonna be obsolete kid

Momma, what's this 10 inch flat black wheel
with a hole in the middle and a worn out label peeled?
that's a phonographic record from a hundred years ago
you used to have to pick the speed that you thought the song should go
you had to move a needle and every song was on a different band
they're obsolete now, kid
you're never gonna see one again

Momma, tell me, what's a tape cassette?
it looks real strange and I've never heard of it
it's got a couple songs on either side
you have to flip it over and the tape unwinds
and you have to rewind if you want to hear a song again
it's obsolete and you're never gonna miss it, kid

Momma, what's this shiny, thin, circular thing?
when I was a child those are what we called CDs
there's a whole lot of songs that are pressed right in it
but it only holds up to 80 minutes
if you scratch it then the music skips when you're listening
they're obsolete now child and you're never gonna see one again

Momma, can you tell me what is a song
it's the beat that you make when you've got your computer on
it used to come from human beings
carried by their voice and their guitar strings
and they once wrote about the things they'd seen
or their hurts and heartaches or their hopes and dreams
but now it's just made up by noise machines
without heart or life or much of anything
more than sex and drugs, and raise your hands and drink
they don't make you cry and they don't make you think
its obsolete now child you're never gonna hear one again
that's the lonesome way to the death of modern music

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