Stay True

Darling, what made you so certain there were answers for your doubt
within the minor rise of confidence you found in this new town?
Do you still feel that separation from your comfort brings you down
and leaves you longing for your mother's arms again?

My mother she once told me in a voice of motherly pain
"Son, there's more to life than just the passing things that you can gain
You have hope and love within your bones - don't throw it all away
for the spoils of the things your flesh desires
find something that can set your soul to fire"

Stay true to yourself
Stay true to yourself
Stay true

Love not another who does not return the same
for there's not a point in giving to those unwilling to take
When your heros let you down
- making you feel somehow ashamed for trusting
Know that storms will come to both the just and wicked

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