Ain't it Cold Here?

Walk down this long and lonesome road with a lion on my back
It's hard when you finally realize all of the character that you still lack
I guess all that I can do is stare it in the teeth and face that facts
Ain't it cold here?
Ain't it cold here?

You have your memories that burn you and I have my own
I guess that when loneliness surrounds there's some comfort
in knowing that I'm not the only one who is alone
So tumble on down river or conform and sink like the other stones
Ain't it cold here?
It's getting colder down here...

We travelers keep traveling through life
although our feet have started bleeding now
They tell me that through struggles that we face
is the only way to appreciate when grace abounds
Weary and road torn from the miles but not trodden down
It's getting cold here
It's close to freezing here...

Feet, be they swift, can't out run the coming cleansing day
that quickly approaches when you'll have to bare your fruit
and prove that you are worth the price for which you have been paid
Try to hide from his eyes the dirt that for years in which you laid
and scramble in your final hour to make yourself appear far less decayed
while knowing that for all you have done you now will be repaid
Ain't it cold here?
It's getting colder here
Ain't it cold here?
It's mighty freezing here...

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