There's a Hole in My Umbrella

Well, it's lonely now
I was waiting here for hours with a plan that would surely win your heart
but the waitress wiped my table with a consolation smile
as I sat a few more moments just to wonder where you are
and how you're doing living out there on your own

Eventually I stumbled to the open and made my way back through the hall
to take a few more pills and hope to sleep 'till morning
But I awoke near every hour to check the phone you never call
I guess that you're the one of whom the lives before gave warning

It's strange, awakening from such a blur...
I reached for you this morning, but you weren't there
So I addressed my new seclusion with an age long stare into the spinning blades above me;
trying to remind myself,
"breath in, breathe out - the losses of youth are oft and rarely fatal" 
But I hear your voice in my own lines; robbing me of the chance to hide in my own defenses
I guess I need to build a new wall now

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