Darlin', How Did You Do It?

Darlin', how did you do it?
With a single word you cast my darkness out
and refilled the peace that I had let drain down
How did you manage to defeat all of the things that I had fought for years?
With your eyes alone you made them disappear

You have more confidence in me than I have ever had in myself
You see me as a man of strength rather than some kid who needs help

[You whisper]
"You can still change where you're going - despite the place you've been"
Assuring me that my future will help my shattered past to mend
I can change from where I'm headed - but never once from where I came
I hate the place I'd be without your faith

How do you do it?
With a single touch you calm my every nerve
Why do you have more faith in me than I could e'er deserve?

When I've let you down so many times - so why are you still here?
Grabbing hold of my hands and trying to drag me out?

You save me
You save me - you really do

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