You Belong With Me

Hush now my child, let your eyes no longer weep
For tonight all our nightmares will come true as you sleep
Place your hand in my hand and your head on my shoulder
Be kept warm by my flesh as yours grows colder
I'll bite my trembling lip, my love, while I hum you to sleep
and barter with the calling Lord that you, as mine, he'll keep
But the heavens know your beauty and for you their arms do reach
So with pleading cries from soil to sky both the angels and I scream...

You belong with me! You belong with me!
You belong with me! You belong with me, my dear!
But the Immortal's call won't always regard our tears

You always slept with a light on and your hand sewn doll - So I
will plant you two in the garden in a box of fireflies
On the dawn when you're awakened and the dim concedes to day
You'll be trapped in hell or heaven - held on earth, still I will say...

Hush little baby, don't you cry
For a chorus of angels will sing to you tonight
Much prettier than ever could I have done...

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