The Way Things Go When You're Alone

I woke up with the same girl that I went to bed with last night
That's the problem with going to bed alone
So I poured a cup of yesterday's coffee and since she wasn't much for talking
I just sat out on the porch and watched the snow fall all around
while I imagined someone real walked in and joined me
She smiled as we talked and she quite enjoyed me
But I'm faithful to the memories on the mattress, inside sleeping
So I said goodbye and cried watching her go

That's the way things go when you're alone
I'm not happy at all, you'll be happy to know
But I'm fine - or at least most of the time
I just find enough distraction to keep life off my mind

I took down all those memories that I'd kept up on my shelf
And broke the mirror on the medicine chest for I was tired of seeing myself
I cut holes in my pockets so I'd not depend on wealth
and left this town for some place far less like hell
There I met this lady in a hotel lobby. She was smoking cheap cigarettes
She said, "this whole life is made of wounds & strife & nights you want to forget"
Right then I realized nothing is lonelier than a room of someone else's friends
When you're running off alone and you have no one to miss

I find that everybody's lonely sometimes
But if we're all lost and alone [then] we all have somebody to find that's peace of mind...

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