Oh, what a worry I have been to everyone I know
With everything so blurry deep within my wild and wandering soul
So could you hand me your hand and pull me from this gutter that I'm in?
I hear my mother saying, "God, the boy needs prayer"
Still I wait for the end of this journey of how broken things repair

I want you to know that I'm trying to transform all of this weakness into might
Lord only knows how much I've let you down
But I swear that one day I'll get something right
So would you sew me again?
I've gathered all the ragged pieces of my peace that I had rent
  and brought them here for you to mend
While I wait for the end of this wretched story of how children grow to men

Is there hope for me now - or am I simply trapped within a cage of life?
Still I wait for the end of this conversion turning darkness into light
Still I wait for the end of this solution turning folly into right

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