(It's Not What Was Promised in) the Promise Land

If you hate so much the lies that other people say
Then tell me this, I pray -
Why then do you delay in telling me the way
You're going to fix the world this time around?
If honesty is your bread and dignity is your butter
Then tell me why you shake your head and point your fingers at each other
and stab your rusty blades instead into the backs of friends and brothers?
Shooting words like a rifle to the heart
Preaching unity whilst tearing us apart

These are treacherous waters
Our sons and our daughters will be mothers and fathers of whatever world we leave behind
Can you not see the lightning or the things that we're fighting?
I'm just trying to enlighten you while we still stand
That it's not all that was promised in this promise land
Can't you see the lack of promise in your little promise land?

Is there decency no more?
Sending young men off to war (and) using religion as the sword
So you can drag the fools aboard and rise above like kings and lords
and plant your flowery lies to bend their way of thinking?
Sire, your sinkless ship is sinking - so pour more kool-aid for the drinking
as a last, futile attempt to kill off all who stand against
Quickly! Drown the world you're leading!
For like rabbits, doubt is breeding
Soon your victims will start defeating and vomit up the lies you're feeding
Your panicked heart will begin beating as you realize you're bleeding
And from truth you'll be retreating in the very way you once condemned all others for

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