It'll All Be Alright

It's been a hard few days and I've hardly slept
or even eaten a thing but the taste of remorse, fear and regret
Darling, I'm scared and it feels like there's no way out now
But if we fight from our knees, eventually we'll get up off of the ground and we'll stand - united as one
Weak for the moment but stronger through all that we've overcome
Girl, please believe - when you come back to me
I'll gladly change my every direction, correct imperfections and rebuild all things - just to remain yours

Baby, I ain't going nowhere
You're not alone, when you come back home
I'll be right here, waiting for you with wide open arms - I'll never leave
It's always been us against the world, always and forever it's been you and me
So we'll make it out, we're going to make it just fine
We'll make it out - like we've done half a million times before

My eyes are a dam that's ready to break into a sea of emotion that drowns out the soul
leaving only the rights and mistakes that I've made
Did I drive you away with something I did or the feelings I hid or the words I neglected to say?
Girl, hear me now - because I'm crying out
My hopes and my dreams are falling like ashes while my walls of strength come crashing down
Know, there's a light in the window and a warm fire burning
So when you're returning you'll feel like you're right at home and nothing has changed - but me

I have faith in us
I have faith and I have trust
I have faith that it'll all be alright
While I soak my pillow in your perfume and my tears just to feel less alone on these cold and lonely nights
Know when you come back home -
I'll hold you so tightly, like never before, I'll cut loose the tears and let it all go
We'll turn off the lights on this painful affair
and draw down the curtain on all that has passed and build a new future beginning with here
I know - it'll all be alright
It'll all be alright - It'll all be just fine
We can never surrender, my sweet little soldier
So tie back your hair and dry up those eyes - for we're going to fight
Until it all turns out fine
It'll all be alright
It'll all be alright

In the darkest hour of the coldest night
Let me be your protection, let me be your light
I know it'll all be alright
In the hardest hour of the strongest fight
Let me take your hand and stand there at your side
I know it'll all be alright
It'll all be alright
It'll all be alright
It'll all be alright

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