Overwhelming Sense

I fear I'm far less fearless than I claim
Still I face the shame and I keep striving to be great
Come rain, through mountain storms and flooding
I once would stand in olden days - now I feel I'll simply break

Lately down is the one direction I've been running
Like I'm stuck inside a wheel where forward I can not progress
I hear the sound of a saviour a' coming
So I guess that I'll keep stumbling on until face to face we've met

I've got an overwhelming sense of falling down again
Like I'm falling down again
I've got an overwhelming sense of falling down again
Of falling to my calloused knees again

A mighty presence of anything sweep over
and assure me there's consistency in grace's eternal love
From here in this hell it seems like heaven must be vacant
For all the petty thieves and vagrants and the crawling ones like us

Cold is all that I've been feeling
Despite the heated ceiling and the timber burning low
A shivering cold, with which I have been dealing
Since a consensual concealing of contentment froze my soul

Come all ye preachers, come pastors and come poets
Come the ones who claim to know it all - into my ears do speak
to my struggling soul trapped in hunger everlasting
All that I've been asking is for you to bring me meat

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