Where Bullets Never Fly

Shot here on the battlefield, my grey coat turning red
I'm halfway to my saviour up in glory
I can hear the angel voices singing songs above my head
I'm shipping out of this world of weight and worry
Will you tell my dear, sweet Annaliese, never once to cry for me
For I've gone to meet my saviour in the clouds
Tell her, buried in a candle box beneath the old oak tree
Are the pennies that I'd saved in case I fell

Oh, worry not for me - for here I'm not alone
In the land where angels fly and where sorrow has no home
I'll be waiting here for you on the other side
Wrapped in arms of glory in the land where bullets never fly

Tell my momma that daddy's doing fine up here
If she could see how young he looks she'd never shed a single tear
Remember that cannonball that took his leg those forty years ago
and confined his time on earth to a chair?
Here in glory he's been running down these streets of gold
Oh my mother, I can't wait to meet you here

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