Maddie's Song

Maddie she was born on a southern night
to her momma and her daddy oh the smiles and pride and glory - this starts the story
They knew their little girl was going to change the world
She’d play sports like her daddy and learn the keys like momma - and they’d be so proud of her
They watched her grow up behind the backyard fence
Playing hide and seek with all her 3 year old friends and laughing - oh, how they were laughing
At eight years old she got her brand new bike
The frills on the handlebars would blow in the wind while she’d ride - and keep on falling

You better get used to the way you look with scars
'cus you’ll hit the ground hard when you fall from reaching for the stars
Girl, life isn’t always wild and bright
But Baby, even the angels fall sometimes

The fall came around and brought the start of school
She felt kind of insecure but her Daddy assured her that she’d make friends - and she did
A 16 year old feels lost and alone when she’s under fire
by her friends and her family at home - sweet decisions
Poor excuses for why she’s been coming in late, the smell of remorse and the pain on her face
She screams confessions - that bring out the tears
Her Momma and Daddy try to settle her down
But rather than listening a whole fight breaks out and she leaves - and says "I’m 18"
She lives in her Daddy’s car under a bridge
For a night or two until she calls around and crashes with friends from somewhere - she thinks she free
She knows she doesn’t love him but she moves in his place
Desperate for support so she puts out and he lets her stay - until she’s having his baby

Then it all repeats when she wants to be free again.
So she’s back to the streets, with a kid this time, until she finds another man.

The police find her lying in a back road ditch
The holes in her arms scream a life of depression and freedom - like she’d always wanted
Her momma and her daddy in a hospital room
Like they were 26 years ago on the day she was started - is this where it all ends?
The doctor says Maddie’s gonna be alright but she’s lost all feeling in her whole left side
So she can’t walk - the way she once did
Momma takes her home in an old wheelchair
Maddie starts crying and says I messed up so bad mom - I’m sorry
Momma smiles and says, "we’ll always love you girl"
"Part of life is falling down and climbing from the dirt
You’ve been forgiven but now you’ll have to learn"

Maddie’s left arm hangs limp at her side
But she’s singing with the choir and is happy inside for the first time - in awhile
It hurts like hell every time she looks back
But it’s better than the hell that she would have had if she’d stayed on her dusty road
Her little son smiles with his two year old grin
And she thinks, "Dear God I may never have even been here" - how it hurts
But she whispers, "life ain’t always wild and bright"
Forgive and forget cus even the angels fall…sometimes...

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