Travelin' Song

All I have are these old blue jeans and a Hohner in my pocket
These tattered dreams are all I've got
But if there's a stage that hasn't forgotten what love is I'm going to find it
I keep being told it's real

All I've seen is broken hearts and misery my whole life
I may not be around for long, so I'll travel the world and write these songs
Describing what I feel and, from what I've seen, how the world feels

Some call me a poet, some call me a thief
Most men call me a liar, most women call me a cheat

Though the sun may fade and the wind blow
and the raindrops beat against my old windows
though the sky grows dark as the storms grow on and on and on
I'll keep travelin' on - because it's all that I know how to do

I'm stuck in some old town I wish I was leaving
Feeling like I've lost faith in all that I believe in
All the words I hear seem like they're deceiving me
Over and over again, time and time again without restraint

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