I'm Sorry

You were everything I needed you to be but I never showed you I was worth it
I've kept you at a safe distance from me and claimed it was to keep you from hurting - I lied
You seemed like you would always let me in while I barely let my guards down
I hid behind my own confusion so long that I never reached out to take yours

I'm sorry.

I cried brokenness for so long while you nursed my wounds ever perfectly
Still my lips uttered no thankfulness, I just told you I was nervous of trusting

I'm sorry

I hope that the words to this song come out right
I want to you to know that I'm changing and I know that i took you for granted a million times
But I'm sincerely saying for the first time in my life
I'm sorry! For dragging you through this
I'm sorry! There is no excuse that is legitimate for why I've lived this way
I want you to know that I'm stronger and I'm going to change - I swear that I've changed
I hope that the words come out right to this song
I just want you to know that I know I've been wrong
You saved my life and carried me for so long
While I played the helpless one and forced you to be strong
I'm sorry! For refusing to care
I'm sorry! I honest, I swear
For the first time in my life I realize I'm not right - I've never been right
I'm sorry! I'm sorry...for this...
I'm sorry for all of this...

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