So Long/So Alone

I’ve been searching, babe
Trying to find a reason why you’ve gone away
But every minute fades into hours, then to weeks that now I’m willing to waste
I’ve been spending every second in a love-war’s wasteland
In the rubble of my dreams I still see your face and
I can’t help feeling like this lone, cold feeling comes around since you don’t anymore
I can’t take alone anymore

I’m so alone - the stars don’t shine since you’ve been gone
For so long – the sun doesn’t rise for me
I’m feeling like I can’t - can’t - can’t survive
Another moment without you by my side
I’m so alone – what’s left of life for me – now that you’re gone?

We’re like a flower, babe
When plucked from the ground we were beautiful
But famine came and passion drained
‘till we were withered and gone to just a memory
Of something that we used to be before you and me
Succumbed to everything we swore we’d never be
Now my lips keep shaking with each step you’re taking away from me - come back to me
I can’t take this cold anymore. I can’t take alone anymore

It was you and me – we swore it’d always be
Forever you and me – we swore we’d never leave it’d always be
Just you and me – you’d never leave – you’d never leave – forever leaves…
Eternity means nothing to the ones who fear an end

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