Sail On!

You cry out for something or somebody to come and set you free
While you fade out into nothing – just like the nothingness you claim that you believe
Still you’re holding on for mercy, praying instinct will never let you down
Trembling lips so dry and thirsty beg a flooding of hope will soon surround

But your soul cries on, “sail on, sail on!”
When you’re weak keep calm, hope will carry on and on
Sail on! Sail on! Sail on! Sail on!
For hope will carry on and on and on

You stand there strong and silent praying that someday your walls are going to break
While you cling to future promises and hope to God they aren’t erased by past mistakes
Before you wallow in your darkness, know that darkness by light will be replaced
On that morning, bright and glorious, when the guardian comes to carry us away

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