The Frightening Things

Someday soon, when trusting doesn't frighten me
And memory feels no need to prove its vast existence 
I'll be free then. I'll believe then -
In love - as more than fear of loneliness before our grand fade to senescence
In truth - as more than myth to tame the hopelessness of broken adolescence
In hope - as more than pure deceit to deny our undeniable obsolescence
In faith - as more than crutch to hold through the tender, fragile, days of convalescence

What joy I'll have returned to me when I can finally break whatever has been holding back my soul
Such peace at last I’ll find when all this peacelessness of mine is finally over
I'll trust in love and hope in faith that one day truth will arrive and set me free
Someday soon, when trusting doesn't frighten me

But until then I just leave and say “I’m brave, look at me I’m independent”
But honestly I run from everything and everyone because I’m scared
Sure, I get tired of the same things and routines make me restless
But the truth is that I’m terrified of being around anyone who cares
So I’ve let myself believe that my home is really nowhere

With everyone I meet I wonder how long it will be before they leave me
Every word I hear I question motive and sincerely think you’re trying, ever harder, to deceive me
Yet still I cling to hope to stay afloat atop the violent, raging sea
Praying someday soon sweet trust will come and rescue me

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